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Devil's Backbone
Devil's Backbone
Devil's Backbone
Devil's Backbone

Devil's Backbone


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This exciting succulent shrub has a zig zag structure adorned with pink and white leaves! Their upwards growth helps to feature it’s incredible structure, and it can thrive in many sunny spaces! This uncommon find makes a statement!

Climate - Mostly native to arid regions of North and Central America

Light - Extended hours of bright indirect sunlight, but can withstand direct sun if acclimated 

Soil - Well-draining , sandy soil. Can use cacti/succulent blend

Water - Drought tolerant. Water every 2 weeks indoors during growing season, and water below leaves to avoid powdery mildew on leaves

Humidity - Prefers dry environment. 

Temperature - Prefers warm environment

Fertilizer - Fertilize sparingly in spring and summer with a cactus fertilizer mixed at ½ strength

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This plant only needs to be thoroughly watered once a month in spring and summer, every two months the rest of they year.


Normal, be sure to check soil moisture before watering