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Dancing Bones
Dancing Bones
Dancing Bones

Dancing Bones



This bushy, spindly cactus is actually a tropical cactus and not a desert cactus! It produces vibrant orange-yellow flowers in the springtime, and features thin segmented growth which grows all year round. A very uncommon find, this striking cactus brings intrigue to any room. 

Climate - Native to tropical regions of South America, especially Brazilian tree tops

Light - Bright indirect to partial shade

Soil - Well-draining , sandy soil. Can use cacti/succulent blend

Water - Water every 1-2 weeks indoors during growing season, water lightly every 2-3 weeks in winter as the plant is dormant

Humidity - Prefers humidity. Use pebble tray or mist twice weekly when not in bloom

Temperature - Prefers warm environment

Fertilizer - Fertilize every 2 weeks at most in spring and summer with a balanced houseplant fertilizer mixed at ½ strength

Encouraging flowering - Fertilize during the growing season only and maintain drought schedule through winter


Drought tolerant. Water every 2 weeks indoors during growing season, water once a month the rest of the year.


Normal, this plant can accept many conditions