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Raven ZZ Plant
Raven ZZ Plant
Raven ZZ Plant
Raven ZZ Plant
Raven ZZ Plant

Raven ZZ Plant


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The rare version of the classic zz plant. This form of the plant has wonderful, glossy black leaves. 
  • Tropical Plant - in the Araceae family
  • Also known as  Zamiculcas Zamiifolia plant

Climate - Native to dry grasslands and forests in Eastern Africa

Soil - Well-draining potting soil

Humidity - Does not require additional humidity unless it’s in a very dry area

Temperature - Typical indoor temperature acceptable, prefers temperatures above 60 degrees 

Fertilizer - Fertilize 1-2 times yearly using a balanced liquid fertilizer at ½ concentration in summer

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This plant only needs to be watered thoroughly once a month