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Philodendron "Green Congo"

Philodendron "Green Congo"


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Sheeny green leaves characterize this class philodendron. Looking for a pop of green this is the plant for you. Like all philodendrons it is super easy to care for and extra rewarding as it is frequently popping out new leaves!

 - Native to tropical regions of South America

Light - Bright indirect, but can do very limited direct if acclimated slowly

Soil - Well-draining potting soil

Water - Water weekly, allow top inch to dry before watering. 

Humidity - Likes increased humidity, but does not require added humidity 

Temperature - Typical indoor temperature acceptable, prefers temperatures above 65 degrees 

Fertilizer - Fertilize monthly in spring and summer with a balanced fertilizer containing macro-nutrients, fertilize every 6-8 weeks in fall and winter 


This plant needs to be watered when the top 2 inches of soil dries out. this plant enjoys water, once a week or so


Normal, this plant can accept many conditions