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Dracaena 'Anita'
Dracaena 'Anita'
Dracaena 'Anita'
Dracaena 'Anita'

Dracaena 'Anita'


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Thin, narrow leaves characterize this dracaena. The reflexa anita is a higher light version of the typical dracaena reflexa! Beautiful, narrow light green leaves and some occasional flowers!

The Dracaena genus is one of the most prominent among houseplants, with dozens of species and cultivars. Most are easily recognizable by their crown of tightly packed, strappy leaves, which reveal a woody stem when the lowest ones fall away over time. Light tolerance and water needs can vary greatly depending on species, but generally they enjoy very high indirect to low indirect light, and prefer to dry out almost completely before receiving a moderate watering. They like to stay relatively tight in their pots, and can shift and tip over if they’re in too much soil. Generally considered to be moderately slow growing, they can still reach the top of almost any ceiling if given enough time.

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This plant needs to be thoroughly watered once a week in spring and summer and every other week in colder months.


Normal, This plant can adapt to many light conditions as long as it is not directly in the window