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Portulacaria Tree
Portulacaria Tree
Portulacaria Tree

Portulacaria Tree


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Beautiful leaves on this succulent that is great for any window sill! Very unique and has a special bonsai look!

Climate - Semi-arid regions of Central and South America (echeveria), Arid regions of Southern Africa (string of pearls/haworthia/jade)

Light - Full sun to extended bright indirect (echeveria, string of pearls, jade), bright indirect to medium indirect (haworthia)

Soil - Well-draining , sandy soil. Can use cacti/succulent blend. Twist every few months to help succulents grow straight 

Water - Drought tolerant. Water every 2 weeks indoors during growing season (echeveria, jade haworthia), water every 1-2 weeks during growing season (string of pearls)

Humidity - Prefers dry environment. 

Temperature - Prefers warm environment

Fertilizer - Fertilize once monthly at most in spring and summer with a cactus fertilizer mixed at ½ strength


This plant needs to be thoroughly watered once a week in spring and summer and every other week in colder months.


Normal, This plant can adapt to many light conditions as long as it is not directly in the window